A Legacy of Love

Rae’s Restaurant Opening on November 19th, 1993 marked the beginning of a new era in fine dining for the Green Valley neighborhood of Henderson, Nevada. And, for owner, Joan Morris, it was the sincerest tribute a daughter could offer to the memory of her mother Rae, whose name proudly graces the restaurant marquis.

Rae’s legacy of love for people and devotion to helping others throughout her lifetime will long be remembered by those whose lives she touched. Reared in an orphanage until the age of fifteen, Rae challenged the world on her own with perseverance, determination and a pioneer spirit unheard of for her day.

An astute businesswoman, Rae regarded work as a privilege and treated it as such. Her fierce independence, unswerving loyalty, and passionate will to succeed, enabled Rae to prosper and grow through the years within the hospitality industry endearing countless friends along the way. With a zest for living and a love for life, Rae enjoyed people, as they enjoyed her sparkling personality and ever gracious manner. Today, that legacy lives on at Rae’s Restaurant, dedicated to fine dining, with the friendliest of service, all for your good taste, because Rae, wouldn’t have it any other way!